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Girl dating blog

Likely the handshake will be met with giggles by other family members.But it’s perfectly fine to shake hands with older male family members.If she insists on getting her own taxi and you pay her back later, politely say no.Most Vietnamese girls speak limited English, and during the date there could be many language issues.

And if you never lived in Vietnam or dated a Vietnamese girl before, this will be very difficult waters to navigate.

This shows you are caring and the Vietnamese really appreciate this.

Also, when you greet a senior family member, you should bow.

In my last article I talked about how to find a Vietnamese girl for marriage or long term relationship. Next you’ll have to go through the grueling dating phase, and if you do a good job with building attraction, the two of you will eventually start a relationship.

But you need to be aware that dating girls from traditional countries like Vietnam will be far different from the west.

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Also keep in mind that Vietnam is a patriarchal society.

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