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Casey exiting in October and the Chad Dimera role will be recast. Hermaphrodite Eileen Davidson scaring the living crap out of Ari Zucker and viewers."You're not scared of me are you? you have no idea what I'm capable of." Eileen then does a chomping motion. She's there hand on hip, sticking chest out, holding chin up with a brittle plastic smile. Dee strangling Eileen on Friday."I already won, you idiot! Eileen with a glass of scotch, almost slurring out her digs is delicious!!! He's on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine btw.[quote]Is John Aniston ill? He and Joseph Mascolo are both in their 80s I believe. They kept her for November Sweeps, and apparently the send off of her character is going to be one of the biggest, most over-the-top exits ever.

Chandler is exiting in December and it unknown if the role of Will Horton will be recast. She looks like a bitchy Barbie doll whose head has come loose. John split, Brady's mine, and now I have this fabulous new relationship with Eric that I'm nurturing! Nathan has done really well considering this is his first big acting gig. Eileen says she could come back again in the new future.

Yes, we'll call you a "quota queen" among other things that are unmentionable in the internet's most polite corners. Why can't we have Freddie Highmore in here in his white briefs and socks?

Chandler Massey had some buzz for awhile, but his acting is becoming very repetitive. Originally set in New England, the vague setting was moved to somewhere in the Midwest in the 1970s.

I think Freddie is going to continue to get critical acclaim for his acting skills. For many years the real Salem, Illinois even held a Salem Days fest, which several members of the cast attended. Casey's on Vine, and in his latest upload, Chandler is at the kitchen table while he skateboards in the house.

In my opinion it's much more probable that out of the two, Massey is the gay one. Besides that, take a close look at this video around and you'll see something interesting.[11] I don't see it (whatever you are referring to in the video that is.)He may very well be gay but I honestly doubt he is deliberately copping feels during scenes (if that is what you think you saw.)I was talking about the fact that if you look at his pants during that scene he seemed a little bit too "excited".

Well, maybe he is such a great actor he can fake having an erection, but I'm not so convinced about that.

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Today when Jennifer was demanding to know what JJ and Rory were really doing together, since she knew they weren't playing video games, I was sure he was going to say fooling around--just to mess with her for being nosy. She wants to be a singer so she's obviously trying to use his connections.