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Geek dating service

By Juliette Harrisson Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim recently caused a splashed with their demented sitcom pastiche Too Many Cooks, but it’s not the first time they’ve aired something completely unfathomable.

You might already like them too, or you might discover something new to dig out and enjoy. Please note that this list isn’t ranked in any order, nor is it exhaustive.

Where you can find it: a DVD, released in 2009, is available from all the usual places.

By Phoebe-Jane Boyd Fans of Sean Lock’s grumpy builds a brilliantly sordid world of miserable characters, absurd obsessions and loneliness, and makes it deeply, deeply funny.

By Wil Jones With writer Graham Linehan to adapt their web series about an eccentric Dublin family for a three-episode run on BBC Four earlier this year.

Those three episodes marked a very promising introduction to the Walshes as they had to deal with their relatively normal daughter Ciara moving her nice but dim boyfriend Graham into their tight-knit family home.

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Can we start up that campaign to get it reissued, please?