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His phone suddenly vibrates on the table so he immediately reach for the device hoping it’s the person he’s been trying to reach in the past hour.

You seem angry.” Jiyong curses yet again under his breath upon realizing it’s his best friend’s worried voice that’s on the other line.

GD has always said Pharrell Williams is one of his favourite artists since he was very young.

Other favourites include: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Blackstreet, and Wu-Tang Clan.

Please pick this up or call me back as soon as you can. He sluggishly walk toward the answering machine and stare at the device for a second or two. He clicks the play button to listen to that voice again. He blindly clicks the play button to listen to the sound of Jiyong’s voice again. Seungri stands there numb, replaying the voice message over and over like a broken record on a turntable. He normally don’t drive fast but a part in him can’t shake this uneasiness he’s feeling.

Read it.” Jiyong place his phone on the table after switching it to speaker mode. If this is YG Entertainment calling, please just leave a message or send me a text instead. He closes his eyes and in it the headline on the paper flashes like a faded movie clip. -- Jiyong woke up with his phone still on his hand. He hastily switch his phone screen on to check for any sign of Seungri trying to reach him to no avail. He’s borderline overspeeding but he don’t give a fuck. -- Seungri found himself lying on his living room couch. In the end, they compromised by creating a remix of the song featuring Flo Rida for his bonus track album.TITLE: Let Me Be The One LENGTH: One-Shot PAIRING: G-Dragon/Seungri (G-Ri/Nyong Tory)RATINGS: PG (boys love fanfiction. He feel his phone vibrate inside his left jeans pocket. He’s been ignoring it, his head still wrapped over the fact that this news article is staring back at him. -- Jiyong curses under his breath as he swipe across his phone. He don’t like to disrupt his alone time with some phone ringing.” Jiyong nods even though he knew Yongbae won’t see him do the gesture. Thank you.” Seungri lifts his head up as the beep ends.

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He’s directed to the voicemail this time and the young rapper couldn’t take it anymore.

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