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Idk WHO I EVEN AM WHEN DOING THIS SHIT TO 9/10 times getting ghosted.

Fuck this shit I heard a really good point about this saying. The one who cares less wins, but the one who cares more gets more out of it. If you no longer feel human connection, I don't see the point in continuing things as they are.

It takes patience, but something like love or just liking cannot be forced in the age of social media. I completely gave up on online dating and dating apps. I can tell you that there's definitely genuine guys out there. The conversation has always died a few exchanges in, if it even started at all. I've had two or three actual matches—in which you 'like' her and she 'like's you.

Many girls have guys lined up for them, just use the tinder of a female friend. Instead, most, if not all, women just want you to message them.

It struck me as a profound revelation to the lingering feelings of my angsty youth. Couldn't even land a date bc the ghosting already happens before the date happens.

I just came to terms that there are just a very very few people who are on the same wavelength as me, nominally speaking. At this point, I've given up on Bumble, given its low ROI.

When that happens to you be ready and embrace the mutual attraction that is not limited to superficial stuff. Women are perceived to have a myriad of choices, so you have to be "the perfect candidate" or they might unmatch you. We're all looking for the perfect match and there isn't one so people just fuck off at the slightest bump in the road. Never lame pick up lines, dick pics, insults, or the like.

I hear about dating on reddit and it sounds like a convoluted game of dishonesty and manipulation. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, it's usually a good time. You can spend all your time explaining to men how what they are doing is hurting you, but I'm just gunna keep shutting their game down with the wall that is ghosting.

It was a shitty way to try to build towards a relationship. I'm a man and I have been ghosted a lot, one thing I found was I started to think ghosting must be an acceptable thing because it happened to me so often.

Then I met my now-girlfriend, and it was like all that anxiety went away by the second date. If she wanted to hang out, she'd let me know, and it was the first time in a while I felt like I could tell someone how I felt without worrying about scaring them off. If a person doesn't chose you from their "dating list" they're not worth it. So I ghosted a girl I'd gone on a few dates with because I wasn't really feeling a connection.

Yeah you have to dig through a lot of shit in online dating but there are people who you'll really connect with. If they want you to be princecharming and you should be like that blablabla just stop with that demanding person. I don't know what to say but I just early on didn't take it so damn serious if someone rejected me. I also stopped looking for the looove of my liiife. Yes, it doesn't feel good but that's life. Just because you think someone is [whatever] doesn't give you the right to ghost them. Up until then I'd always be honest, up front and tell my date that I wasn't interested.

I probably wouldn't have met my gf without Tinder. Pff how many men did start saying mean things to me like I have a fat ass or what ever and they ended up wanting to hookup with me. There won't be one person in this world whom's heart stayed whole. You will never find someone who gets you and wants to make something with you if you are acting like someone who, to use your own words, you don't even recognize. I have to say the rest of her comment was lost on me once she said she ghosts men. You may not lower yourself to his level just because you have decided he's not up to whatever standard you've set for him. Bottom line is I felt terrible like I had sunk down to a lower level, ghosting is immature and I never want to do it again.


Like you're trying to con a girl into fucking you while she's looking for an excuse to make you feel worthless and disposable. I did a lot of dating a few months ago (and stopped because it lead nowhere) and ended up stuck in a loop of "I don't like her, but what if I will get attracted to her later? You meet someone to see if you are going to be attracted, instead of meeting because you are attracted. So yeah I stopped and I'll just let it happen. I can generally say within seconds if I'm physically into someone and the rest of the date to decide if I like them enough to see them again. It's been years since I dated now that it's harder for me to find people of my nationality that are single. To be fair, when I was in my early 20s I thought I could help those men too. But then I turned 30 and I realized I don't have time for that. As soon as I stopped giving those men the time of day I found a keeper. if they were gentlemen and I just didn't feel anything, then I would give them the curtesy of an explanation as to why I didn't want to continue dating them.

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