Fuckchat for free

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Fuckchat for free

Find your rhythm and pump your dick into powerful orgasm!

The balls are a sensitive spot and sometimes the pleasurable spot beneath the scrotum, the perineum, is missed when guys masturbate. Do: Lube up your big dick applying an extra amount over your scrotum. Circle your thumb around the underside of your penis.

This technique allows greater penis stimulation over the entire surface of the penis whether it is large or smaller.

An advanced masturbating style, take your cock between both of your opened palms.

Slide the palms forward and backward along the shaft, similar to rubbing a stick in kindling.

With your first hand, jerk your cock in a top to bottom motion.Many men pump their penis with “to and fro” pulls of their hand along the penis shaft.Using the thumb or index finger, they multiply the pleasurable sensations by circling the head of the penis at the top of a single pull from the public hair to the tip.Vary holding your grip with the penis similar to how you would hold a pencil or an ink pen when writing.Masturbating this way controls the range of distance when jacking off at a maximum.

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Play with the perineum, feel the intense sensations of prickly pleasure and take your masturbatory pleasure to new heights – enjoy!

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