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French women for dating

Each type of intended substitution results in a stylistic device called also atrope.This act of substitution is referred totransference– the name of one object is transferred onto another, proceeding from their similarity (of shape, color, function, etc.) or closeness (of material existence, cause/effect, instrument/result, part/whole relations, etc.).Nonsense of non-sequence results in joining two semantically disconnected clauses into one sentence, as in: “Emperor Nero played the fiddle, so they burnt Rome”.Two disconnected statements are forcibly linked together.As a rule, it is thelast memberof the chain thatfalls outof the semantic group, producing humorous effect.

The effect of these lexical stylistic devices is humorous. ” The first “spirits” refers to supernatural forces, the second one – to strong drinks.

Must possess knowledge of Rumanian, Italian, Spanish, German, Music and Mining Engineering”.

In most examples of zeugma the verb loses some of its semantic independence and strength being considered as member of phraseological unit or cliche.

Lexical stylistic devices Metaphor The most frequently used, well known and elaborated among lexical stylistic devices is a metaphor – transference of namesbased on the associated likenessbetween two objects, as in the “pancake”, “ball” for the “sky” or “silver dust”, “sequins” for “stars”.

So there exist a similarity based on one or morecommon semantic component.

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The latter may be viewed as slight variations of the first ones.