French camchat updating etc fstab

Posted by / 13-Nov-2019 14:18

French camchat

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Terms of use About this site Email webmaster / Help There is now an option for users to help classify main profile pictures and pictures submitted for featuring.

There is now a mobile / touch version of the site - allowing you to easier check up on messages and profiles - and find contacts at your current location - eg. On the main site it is now also possible to let the site know your location more precisely.

The main benefit is that it allows distance search for all countries - but it also give search results that are more precise distance wise.

Time spent that I'd have prefered to use on adding useful functionality for all you good guys :-/ I've made a number of small improvements; there's now a "prefered age" field on profiles so it will be possible to eg.

figure out quickly if a mature man is interested in a young or mature admirer :-), it is also possible to search by profile id and for online users on the search page now, distance is now also shown on the profile view page.

(more server capacity has been added, 'Jump to page' functions has been added on some pages and other small enhancements) I took some (extra) time out for the site and coded a webcam chat (I've wanted to do this for half a year, but...) - the chat still needs a few tweaks, but it's up and running :-). It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when that happens - as it makes me feel that the site does mean a difference for you users!

So after nearly 8 years I'm not doing everything on my own anymore, thanks mate!

The search profiles page has also been revised to reflect these changes (of course) - and the distance searching is now more flexible allowing you to search within a distance to a zipcode you enter.

Also, searching for travelers has been strengthened by allowing to search only for travelers.

The webcam chat has been split into 'rooms' - not really because I wanted to, but I hope it solves some of the performance related issues some have experienced.

The chat has also been slightly improved - but I still have things I'd like to add...

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  1. I’ve seen that last photo used in other scams as well. It happens once in a while but I know how to control myself. Again, if someone says they need you to pay for communications, it’s a scam. It can also be taken out of their paychecks automatically if they “don’t have cash on them”. He said he was from CA studied at West Point, been in the Army for 15 years. They always say they’re coming home soon so that when something goes terribly awry, they can bilk you for sympathy money for hospital clearances and all that crap.