Freja beha irina lazareanu dating

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Freja beha irina lazareanu dating

Arizona was rumoured cheated on Freja with Cara when Freja was on hiatus in 2012. Do you all think Freja and Kim will ever have any kid? Irina Lazareanu (people refuse to believe because Irina had bf/fiance at that time)2.

Plus, Cara was replacing Freja as the face of Chanel in 2013. Abbey Lee (because of her comment on Terry Richardson photoshoot, the fact that she is bi and was so touchy feely with Freja)Stuck in Friendzone:1. 1 protege, the former President of Freja Fan Club)2.

I can only imagine how Freja hated Cara at that time. I think that she always had the tendency to prefer hobo chic. I can tell that she doesn't like the overly done look for herself, like she barely fixes her hair or wear makeup.

Arizona was a mess, but it seems she has already cleaned up nicely. Arizona was the reason Cara and Freja didn't happen. Freja & Edie C (because Edie is bi and hot so her fans want another hot model to be her gf which is Freja) -I don't remember the details, but it goes like this: Freja and Cat had a disagreement (People said because Freja didn't want to move to NYC with Cat). Irina Lazareanu (people refuse to believe because Irina had bf/fiance at that time)2.Baptiste Giabiconi (because people want a perfect Chanel baby)2.Eddie Klint (because he acted adorably in Copenhagen Experience video and rumoured to be gay so people want him and Freja make another Josephine Skriver)Just in L-chat imagination (derived from other thread):1.Freja & Cara D (just because they were the hottest out models back then) 2.

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He seems nice and responsible plus Arizona's son seems to like him.