Fossil dating problems

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Fossil dating problems

That rich fossil cache revealed much about the creatures, yet it left one glaring question unanswered: when did live?The scientists had no evidence for how old the fossils were.

Louis County Jail, Duluth police reported in a news release, and face misdemeanor charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.The skeleton had been found right around the time Charles Darwin published (1859), and its vaguely human appearance suggested it had the potential to illuminate the human past, but only if it were truly ancient.Some scientists suggested the Neanderthal was an ape-like ancestor or belonged to an ancient European race.The man who locked his neck to the gate, Scott Bol of Duluth, called for passersby to divest from Wells Fargo.Bol said he wasn’t afraid of being arrested and cited Martin Luther King Jr. “We have to move to alternative energies,” Bol said at one point.

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Bob King / [email protected] Burbank (left), a member of the Navajo tribe, and Michael Niemi of Duluth are chained together to a door at Wells Fargo bank in downtown Duluth on Friday to protest the bank's business with Enbridge and other companies that deal with fossil fuels.

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