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The divorce rate in the Philippines is one of the lowest in the world.Your wife has grown up believing marriage is a life long commitment.Angela might be a US citizen, but was born in Hawaii to her Philippine parents living in Hawaii. Browse through hundreds of single profiles to find your Filipino girl [Filipino women [ make fantastic life long partners - come and have a look and decide for yourself.Where they were use to argumentative and stubborn women, they find their new partners prefer not to quarrel or argue.They fear criticism, are polite and speak in low tones.But one important legacy for you is the mixing of the European blood lines with the local population.

Delikadesa reminds me of the word 'delicate' when I read it and it is not that far from the real meaning.

It is not necessarily money issues that cause the divorce, but what the money (and not having it) means to each partner.

Ask yourself this question - did money issues create a strain in your last relationship?

Overall, this gives a quiet personality and a refined character.

Family Is More Important Than Money The most common reason for divorce in the United States is money.

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According to, the rate for divorce in America is 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages and a staggering 74% for third marriages.

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