Example program for file updating random access

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For reading text one character at a time, use the fgetc() function.

READ THAT FILE Line 9 in Read That File opens the file for reading only. The while loop at Line 15 displays the file’s contents one character at a time.

The standard C text-reading functions are used to read text from a file just as they read text from the keyboard.I also guide them in doing their final year projects.I have share many programs on this website for everyone to use freely, if you need further assistance, than please contact me on easytutor.2ya [at the rate] gmail [dot] com I have special discount scheme for providing tutor services.The file I/O functions are similar to their standard I/O counterparts, but with an f prefix.To write to a file, you can use the fprintf(), fputs(), fputchar(), and similar functions.

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