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While you can appear standoffish to those who don’t know you well, those who do get past your top layer recognize your quiet confidence masks a real wealth of knowledge, insight, and passion.You are also happy to wait for the right thing to come along.You will regularly make obvious efforts to show the other person you care — like driving that person to the half-marathon, or baking a favorite flavor of cupcake “just because.” That sweet, selfless devotion could melt the iciest heart.ENTJ: Tenacity You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it, ENTJ.ESFP: Playfulness You have the awesome ability to bring out the silliest side of everyone, ESFP.Your enthusiasm and playfulness brightens up a room, and you can help even the most serious person relax and let go.

ESTJ: Commitment “Commitment” isn’t a scary word to you, ESTJ. You’re committed in everything you do: Getting to know a person’s inner world, supporting his or her dreams, keeping the relationship lively and fun.It tells us what we do with incoming information, how we process it and use it to make decisions.If you don’t know your type, a quick online quiz can help you find out.You’re endearing and light in your interactions, without sacrificing passion or depth." data-reactid="25"ENTP: Charm No one else can work a room with your type of unassuming appeal, ENTP.You’re endearing and light in your interactions, without sacrificing passion or depth.

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  1. Every bride and groom say to each other, at least implicitly, that they "love each other with all their heart." Little pieces of one’s heart are given away each time a romance of any magnitude has blossomed.

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