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I was asking around before I waste 25 bucks in gas.

Gibson squeezed them out with their massive minimum purchase order requirements and with a lawsuit over a used banjo that had a replacement "bell-shaped truss-rod cover" on it. That's what happens when musicians sell out to accountants.

As Mars Music proved, guitar sales aren't an artifact of the Wal-Mart mentality: we musicians are benighted enough to still believe that our relationship with the guy selling us the guitar is important. The AS103 was perfectly set up right out of the box, plays like butter, no issues with tuners, intonation, buzzing frets.

I alternate between finding the maple boring and beautiful. I don't have a bad word to say about this guitar, and I am pretty damned picky.

I want to play from Grant Green to Kurt Rosenwinkel.

I tried many guitars, my choice is on the Sheraton 2.

In the very least, it would give me a reasonable idea of the QC, overall feel, and substance of a nicer Epi.

It has an orange label inside the F-hole with the serial number 93166 on it.

There is no serial number on the headstock and nowhere on the guitar or the label does it say where it was made.

The lead singer in our brand brought home an Ibanez Artcore on loan from the local store but it went right back. They have some used Epiphones in, but are not a Gibson/Epi dealer. Fender did the same thing under CBS and pissed off all their loyal small town dealers....

I like the Ibanez a lot, but it doesn't have that "classic" factor to it that the Sheraton does. I like the fact that the pickups came be changed out easily, since they use the standard humbucker size.

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I think Gibson is going to be a dead duck in a few years.

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