Enneagram and dating

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Enneagram and dating

The phlegmatic person may be apathetic, cold, disinterested, and slow to act. They may not be the most exciting people, but tend to be reliable.

A phlegmatic may be shy, but also content with the way things are. Since these ancient personality ideas, people have come along and adapted them .

It has the advantage of being empirically driven by research and study.

The Big Five are: Mind you, some of the above looks not entirely dissimilar to the ancient ideas of personality promoted 2,500 years ago.

They are creative and can also be great daydreamers.

"What he 'is like', beyond his physical description, refers to his personality type. We're all interested in human personality and motivation.Because we can now map and 'read' the brain through such things as positron emission tomography (PET scanning), attempts have been made to understand personality as related to the inner workings of the brain.For example, it's been found that sensation-seeking extroverts have lower levels of arousal in an area of their brainstems than more withdrawn, less sensation-seeking introverts .He felt people naturally had different levels of these fluids within them, causing differences in their personalities.Basically (and a little simplistically), the four types were: Sanguine Extroverted, cheerful, energetic, and emotional; sanguine people are prone to needing excitement and getting bored easily.

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