Edward and bella dating earth science lab radiometric dating answers

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The first and perhaps most obvious trait is her consistent low self-esteem.

Bella constantly reminds herself that she's uncoordinated, unsocial, and unattractive.

Edward also displays many stereotypical characteristics of abusers.

He proposes to her when he knows she's not ready and refuses to listen to her reasons for delaying the marriage.

Finally, a classic warning sign of partner volatility is high levels of jealousy or possessiveness.

When Edward shows interest in her, Bella's low self-esteem puts him in a position of power over her; he can treat her however he'd like, because she perceives that he's out of her league and is lucky to be the dirt on the bottom of his shoe (or the blood on the bottom of his fangs, I guess).

The second quality Bella displays which is common in victims of abuse is that she is particularly attracted to men who are forbidden.

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