Does consolidating debt affect your credit

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Does consolidating debt affect your credit

If most of your liabilities include other types (tax debt, unpaid child support or old parking tickets, for instance), these plans won't help.Second, you should be confident you can pay not just for a month or two, but for years.The agency should be organized, send payments and statements on time and offer strong consumer education and support. The payment is usually around 2.5 percent of the total debt, though in hardship situations, there is some wiggle room. Why consolidate bills if you can't pay for basic expenses or if there are better alternatives?You can stop the plan at any time, and you can also pay more – and get out of debt faster – when you have extra funds. You wouldn't, which is the reason consolidation begins with a counseling appointment where your entire financial situation is assessed.If you have enough cash left over after subtracting expenses from income, consolidation will be presented along with other options. How do you know if a debt management plan will work in your favor?

DMPs can also provide welcome respite from creditors calling about overdue accounts, as they generally stop when the plan begins. Agency reports do not reflect the interest that you're still being charged, so if you don't submit them, the balance the agency reports will be wildly different from what your bank statements say. One of the agreements you make when entering into a DMP is that you will close your credit card accounts and not get any new ones until you are debt-free.

With a DMP, you're paying 100 percent of your obligations, which is quite different from discharging them in a bankruptcy or settling the debt.

Still, your credit report can take a hit if your monthly payments are less than what you would normally pay.

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