Direct dating fossils

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Crudely speaking, this chap was around at the right time to be the father of hot forging of metals.Table from: Mc Evedy, Colin and Richard Jones, 1978, Atlas of World Population History, Facts on File, New York, pp. This table shows a steady state human population prior to Adam's arrival on 4027Tishri1, then an exponential explosion thereafter!The argument of the Archaeologist has been that man has indeed been around for hundreds of thousands of years and so Genesis is nonsense.

Now the exact Hebrew Interlinear translation of Genesis ,27 is as follows: So man was created by 'us' in 'our image' according to 'our likeness', an image of several beings, but 'the man' was created by 'God' in God's image, an image of one being - although the polite plural (Gods - Elohim) is used.With dendrochronological recalibration from bristlecone pine (rings of trees) its 700 years earlier.The Copper age, or Chalcolithic age generally starts in 4,500 BC.Genesis dates Adam as being born in 4027 BC - see [16].Ancient History has it that in Nagada, 15 miles south of Thebes in Egypt, in 4000BC, little hamlets spaced around 1 km apart grew enough food to support around 100 people/square km.

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Jesus answered them: Is it not written in your Law: I said: You are gods.

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