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Detailsview itemupdating example

Now that you’ve seen how to display, edit, and delete data, it’s time to learn how to insert new rows in the database using the is able to display data in a few different modes.

First of all, it can display an existing row in read-only mode.

Therefore, later in this chapter, you see how to extend and customize these controls. Go back to the by selecting that name from the Choose Data Source drop-down list. On the same Smart Tasks panel, select the Enable Inserting item. Open the control’s Properties Grid by pressing F4 and then locate the .

Because the database generates this ID automatically, there is no point in letting the user enter a value for it.

By centralizing your connection strings you make it much easier to modify them when your database changes (for example, when you switch from a development environment to a production server).

In the case of VS and IIS Express, this account is the one you use to log on to your machine.

All by itself, the controls work together closely to retrieve and modify the data in the underlying data source.

To give you an idea of how this works, here’s a rundown of the events that took place when you requested the Genres page in the browser and then edited a single genre: 1.

In addition, you can use the control to insert new rows and to update existing ones.

You control the mode of the example, the next exercise requires no coding from your side.

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