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If your log-in uses MFA (multi-factor authentication) processes that require unique information at each login (eg, card reader, one time access code, etc) it will not be possible to automatically update the account.Furthermore, if changes have been made at your bank’s site it is possible that this has caused issues refreshing on Money Dashboard.On the hour page the chart should show the value which is the closest from time or the possibility show an median value of the last 60 minutes. While the automatic refresh does attempt to refresh all accounts at least once every 24 hours, there are a number of reasons this may not be possible.*Please note that it is not possible to refresh the same account again while a refresh is in progress, or for 20 minutes after a successful refresh.

Is it possible to add a delay (just for troubleshooting) to your sketch so it stays online a few minutes at each wake interval to see if this improves the results? Correct me but for me it looks like the normal widgets (Value) are updated correctly (23.2°C) but not the graphs. i got message “no data available” for minutes page, for hours page i got a value every 14min (, , ) this seems to be correct but it is always the same value (22.20).

**Android/i OS applications** Once you have logged in, navigate to the ‘Accounts’ page using the tabs at the bottom of your screen.

Tap the account you want to refresh/update and select either ‘Refresh account’ or ‘Update Credentials’ as required. Maybe our charts are not dealing well with the situation of the device being offline 99% of the time?

I’m actually wondering if we’re receiving the pushed value consistently every time based on what I’m seeing on your account.

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NET Web Forms Report Viewer is not updated on page reload.