Dendrochronology dating method

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Wood is a solid and strong material as we all know, valued for its longevity and strength.Each season of growth (typically annual but not always, we will examine this problem later) a new ring is set down in the body of the tree.Since each ring corresponds to roughly one year of growth, making it possible to get a highly accurate estimate of a tree’s age.This use of tree-ring dating to find the age of a tree is also known as dendrochronology.The tree-ring dating method works well for most trees; however, it cannot be used to find the age of all trees.That is because some trees don’t have rings or they have rings that are very hard to discern from a trunk cross section or sample.By providing shade from the heat of the sun, giving us wood products, and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, trees play an important role in our society and the Earth’s ecosystem.

Multiply the result by the growth factor for that tree species as given by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Trees that cannot be dated using the tree-ring method include some species of palm trees, as well as certain trees that grow in desert conditions.

These types of trees are known as monocots, and their age is determined mainly by comparing them with other plants.

For example, a palm tree can be compared with another tree whose age is known in order to get an estimate of the palm’s age.

Radiocarbon dating has also proven useful in dating these trees.

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