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Define validating parser

Start with the normal basic logic for an application, and check to make sure that an argument has been supplied on the command line: .

Although it is tempting to get the first child and inspect it to see whether it is the right one, the search must account for the fact that the first child in the sub-list could be a comment or a processing instruction.

Preserving lexical information is important in editing applications, where you want to save a document that is an accurate reflection of the original-complete with comments, entity references, and any CDATA sections it may have included at the outset.

Most applications, however, are concerned only with the content of the XML structures.

For example, you will see what entity references and CDATA sections look like in the DOM.

And perhaps most importantly, you will see how text nodes (which contain the actual data) reside under element nodes in a DOM.

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The following The default values for all these properties is false, which preserves all the lexical information necessary to reconstruct the incoming document in its original form. Ignoring Comments(ignore Comments); Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(ignore Whitespace); Coalescing(put CDATAInto Text); Expand Entity References(! Note - Text nodes exist under element nodes in a DOM, and data is always stored in text nodes.