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In that first scene alone, Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn, "You're a baby mama" and "You're nothing but an egg donor." Kathryn dropped a few "F" bombs and told Ashley that she is "an entitled gold digger." Kathryn declared, "This is my f*cking town, b*tch. I'm not going anywhere." Kathryn even said, "We'll never be cool.She'll be gone in a week." Clearly, that's not the case, though.Thomas admitted that he was not cool with the way his girlfriend handled herself during that instantly infamous argument with the mother of his children.On April 10, a fan tweeted Thomas, "Dude I like you I really do ur one of my fav reality peeps just some friendly advice, don't let another woman criticize the mother of ur babies find that lady that deserves you :)." Thomas replied and revealed that he thinks he is partially to blame for that fiery confrontation because he did not define "certain off limit boundaries" to Ashley.Two completely different shapes, but we fit together perfectly."Aside from addressing their haters head on, they are doing a lot of fun things together as a couple and documenting them with cute photos, of course.On April 15, Thomas posted a photo of Ashley with her friends and referred to her as his "girlfriend" in the caption:a second photo with her and Thomas kissing.Based on their social media posts, Thomas and Ashley's relationship is still going strong.They are defending (and showing off) their relationship on social media almost daily.

When choosing a site, these are a few standard services you should look out for to make sure you have an enjoyable experience on the site: Russian dating sites put your dating experience in your hands without any interference from any third party.He calls me for advice."And yes, that advice does include relationship advice."He opens up to me and he will vent about it," Kathryn shared."I'm happy to be the one he vents to because he knows I have his best interests, you know what I mean. He vents to me about his new girlfriend, and it makes me feel like he respects my opinion and trusts me, which is a nice place to be at with him. We talk more frequently."If Kathryn is actually helping foster this relationship, then it's clear that Thomas and Ashley are not only still together, but they are in a pretty serious relationship.Kathryn and Ashley had tension right from the jump, but if she's willing to look past that and give Thomas guidance for making the relationship work, that says a lot about the seriousness of the relationship.

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Hopefully, things have simmered down between Kathryn and Ashley because things between Thomas and Ashley are heating up and they seem to be a pretty serious couple.

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