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Datingstaff com

Eventuallya year to work on it,” said Vosburg, an Va.

The certification is the highest teaching credential in the nation.

Each vendor had been asked to produce So instead, thea “family of camouflage patterns,” including Army will haveone that would be suitable in a woodlandit in one pattern that looks good with all threeenvironment, one that would be suitable in aof the uniform pattern variants.desert environment and one that would work Cole said other organizations have OCIEin a “transitional” is a solid color, but “we were hoping we The Army will spend the next nine months could do better than that.” He said the Armytesting the effectiveness of those patterns.asked industry vendors to come up with an Your application fee is waived“To really have confidence in being able tomake a recommendation to senior leaders, we OCIE pattern to break up solid color “and stilllook good on all three uniform patterns.

when you bring this ad and apply toneed to do field trials,” said Col. “We are“We had seen some examples of grosslymismatched OCIE in uniforms in the early Stratford University ( value)looking forward to getting out into the woods,into the deserts, into the transitional areas andpart of Iraqi Freedom.

“So much learn-teacher Jennifer Vosburg began work-ing occurs outside the school.”ing with a 10-year-old boy who had a A native of Minnesota, Vosburglearning disability in math.always wanted to become a teacher, but The youngster needed a calculatordecided upon special education afterfor sixth grade, but his mother was completing a high school internshipconcerned that he didn’t have the confi-working with disabled students.dence or language skills to ask for what She earned a Bachelor of Arts degreehe psychology and special education So Vosburg, then a teacher atfrom Hood College in Frederick and Hebron-Harman Elementary School ina master’s in special education from Hanover, incorporated role-playing to Johns Hopkins boost his self-esteem.

By the time Vosburg worked as a special educa-he entered sixth grade, he was using ation teacher in the Prince George’scalculator.

The Lanes features 36all types of domestic and foreign vehicles. Amy Louise Brown, Sales’ non- important.’ challenge that he felt would help him growenlightening.commissioned officer-in-charge, approachedas an artist.

Theeffort, the Army this week awarded contracts Army doesn’tto five vendors — selected from an initial 20 want to main-— to each provide enough fabric in the newtain OCIE incamouflage patterns they have developed toeach of theproduce 150 uniforms for the Army to test.three patterns.

Each of the five vendors will now produce Management • Health Sciences • Nursing“We’re going to put them through the enough fabric to build 50 uniforms out ofringer,” he said. rhodes Coffee talk • • Local businesses Services Yolanda Clark, the new acting principal at Meade High School, chats with students, parents and teachers during• Links to business web sites her first “Talkalatte” in the school’s media center on Jan. “Talkalatte” is a monthly informal meeting over • Maps and directions to business coffee with Clark, who discussed her new initiative “radical hospitality,” which encourages an environment of respect and cultural sensitivity at the school. MARYLAND’S LOCAL BUSINESS SEARCH TO ADVERTISE CALL410.332.6600 Nomore worries.

each of their three submitted patterns for a Also Online Degrees Available Due to the varying types of terrain Soldiers total of 150 uniforms from each company. With TWSB Premium Checking you also receive FREE:• On-Line Banking with Bill Pay**• Surcharge Free Access to Over 1,500 ATMs“We switched to The Washington Savings Bank – they offer a totally• Debit Card• Premium Mobile Banking FREE Premium Checking Account with no monthlyservice charges that pays us interest!

ism, photojournalism, photography, scheduled to attend the January course. will Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services address issues identified on post Jan. closed Wednesday for pipe crossing The schedule is subject to change and on Feb. due to weather or other circumstanc-• Both center lanes of Mac Arthur es.

military, Do D of individual nations in coalition andto perform public relations, media civilians and international military per-peacekeeping operations.relations and community-relation func- sonnel in public affairs, print journal-Personnel from 11 countries aretions. on the day of• Both lanes of Rose Street will bethe closures.

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There are also computersclubs that are always seeking new to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. at DINFOS, Brown for a change and enlisted in the Marine32 would be held at Fort Meade, DINFOSAfter learning how the light cascaded on “We impart all the knowledge we have on Corps in October 2004.leadership was asked to send an artist to each object in the room, Sales drew a few these young service men and women and we “My dad mentioned to me I could join the sketch the hearing for use by the media.rough sketches in preparation.never know when the government is going to Marine Corps and draw for them or paint for Publications such as The Miami Herald Assigned to sketch the first four days ofuse these skills,” Sales said.them,” he said. the hearing, Sales sat in the courtroom’s Although Sales continues to work on hisamazing because I always wanted to join the Brown, who was the sketch artist at thefront row, capturing specific moments.

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