Datinginsecret com

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Datinginsecret com

This is a really crappy site for that alone, but it ends up getting even worse as time goes on.

It’s just the kind of site that you have to wonder why anyone would join. This is definitely a bait and switch scam, and it’s full of a ton of fake profiles that they use to lure men into the site with. A sleazy site is literally the last thing that you’re ever going to want to spend your cash on.

This one was clearly just not even designed by someone who had any clue. The site itself has a really obnoxious sign up process, which requires a short form on the front page, and then a much longer one. With a site like au, there’s no way in hell that you’re ever going to be able to have a good time.

This is obviously the exact opposite of the environment that you want out of any fling site.

You aren’t going to end up finding any real women on a site like this one. The more that we dug into this site, the more we ended up just seeing dozens and dozens of escorts.

This is really a sleazy tactic, and something that we aren’t happy about at all.

The front page was bad enough with their claims about all of the ‘naughty fun’ that… That’s ultimately because this site is running off of a really obvious template, and a really obvious bait and switch. This site relies heavily on the bait and switch technique in order to get anyone to join, and this all comes down to the fact that they read your location through cookies.

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