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During the time we carved out for each other, we were set to talk about general boyfriend/girlfriend things, whatever that is.

Every night we exchanged laughs, some nights we shared our thoughts on the TV series Black Love, discussed a chapter of the book we had chosen to read together and simply checked in with one another via Facebook messenger video chat feature.

Since my support system here in Texas is great, I knew it was only right that I offered to fly to North Carolina for a first date and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

A weekend in November was set aside, the flight was purchased and King Bae was able to secure a babysitter for our meet up.

With that being said, catch up on #Dating Tanai epi-read one through three Epi-Read #1 Am I Worth Enough Epi-Read #2 Real Black Love in the DM’s Epi-Read #3 Relationship Status: Circle Yes or No Now that you’ve binged read epi-reads one through three, shall we proceed?

Remember there is nothing cookie cutter about dating so do what brings both of you joy!

And according to the United States Census Bureau, there are 107 million single adults.

The only thing to do now was to count down the weeks until I get to meet the stranger that I fell in love with. The week had finally arrived but there was one problem. Being a single parent, I immediately understood and offered to reschedule my visit.

The family that was supposed to keep his twin girls had an emergency and needed to leave town for the weekend. Sure I was a tad disappointed but life happens and if no one gets that I do. Sis, like the very very first, ever see you/ meet you in person meeting.

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Some may require a first date rolled out that would impress the masses while dressed to the nines and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.