Dating while bipolar

Posted by / 09-Aug-2020 12:22

There’s always the opportunity to clarify what you can do better the next time so you don’t drift apart from each other.

A few years ago, during a much needed change in his medications, my son came over to me after one of his meltdowns and put his arm on my shoulder.

You will probably see your family member gain and lose a few friendships, a few jobs, a few credit cards, and a few roommates.

You might even hear him or her question the meaning of life and whether it’s all worth the struggle.

I’ve begun to realize how fortunate I am that at least once a week Steven offers honest feedback about my behavior.He’ll say things like: “You need to chill, Dad,” “You’re sounding a little judgmental right now,” or even “You think you’re being calm, but your impatience is seeping out like a leaky faucet.” As a result of my son’s candor, I’m gradually learning how to respond to him—and others—with a more patient, balanced, and caring tone of voice.If you want to become a better listener in all areas of your life—and a much less impatient person in general—you’d be wise to take your “tutor’s” comments to heart.He tells me about fascinating background melodies in the music on the radio or subtle color patterns in the clothes worn by people walking down the street—patterns I’d otherwise fail to notice.He describes what it feels like when the brain is manic and what kinds of thoughts enter his mind when the whole world looks bleak.

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