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Dating using numerology

He further states that the reconstruction will be greatly aided if 1) the account is committed to written record soon after the event; 2) a major change is effected in the contacted society; and 3) no attempt is made by the contacting civilization to disguise its exogenous nature." Additionally, Shklovski and Sagan cited tales of Oannes, a fishlike being attributed with teaching agriculture, mathematics, and the arts to early Sumerians, as deserving closer scrutiny as a possible instance of paleocontact due to its consistency and detail.suggested that he and Shklovski might have inspired the wave of 1970s ancient astronaut books, expressing disapproval of "von Däniken and other uncritical writers" who seemingly built on these ideas not as guarded speculations but as "valid evidence of extraterrestrial contact." Sagan argued that while many legends, artifacts, and purported out-of-place artifacts were cited in support of ancient astronaut hypotheses, "very few require more than passing mention" and could be easily explained with more conventional hypotheses.Try the Sign Compatibility of Horoscopofree, you could be surprised! Discover immediately how to turn one into two…try to trust in Singles Love horoscopes! Singles Love horoscopes Every sign of the Zodiac is gifted with different characteristics which set it apart from the others. Horoscopofree gives you your nightly horoscope in advance for every sign of the Zodiac. Horoscope for Tonight One thousand tricks to work without ever getting tired!Find out what makes you get along or distances you from the other signs of the Zodiac, calculate your Love Compatibility Sign Compatibility You are happy, even when single, but has the time come for you to experience the giddy heights of coupledom? The 12 signs are all different and particular and are simply waiting to be discovered! Follow our Chic Astrology advice and you will be the protagonist! Get your daily Career Horoscope with all the tips of the Astrologers!Von Däniken writes that ancient art and iconography throughout the world illustrates air and space vehicles, non-human but intelligent creatures, ancient astronauts, and artifacts of an anachronistically advanced technology.Von Däniken also states that geographically separated historical cultures share artistic themes, which he argues imply a common origin.Paleocontact or "ancient astronaut" narratives first appeared in the early science fiction of the late 19th to early 20th century. Wilkins in 1954; it received some consideration as a serious hypothesis during the 1960s.

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Scholars have responded that gaps in contemporary knowledge are not evidence of the existence of ancient astronauts, and that advocates have not provided any convincing anecdotal or physical evidence of an artifact that might conceivably be the product of ETI contact.

According to astrophysicist Carl Sagan, "In the long litany of 'ancient astronaut' pop archaeology, the cases of apparent interest have perfectly reasonable alternative explanations, or have been misreported, or are simple prevarications, hoaxes and distortions".

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However, Shklovski and Sagan stressed that these ideas were speculative and unproven.

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