Dating two guys at once

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Dating two guys at once

* FORGET about implementing “total disclosure” when you first meet a man, and forget about being completely up-front, honest, and open about what you are thinking and feeling. If you tell him all there is up front, he’ll be sated, and that’s no good for allure!Second, too much information can be a real mood-killer.Our male soul mates will not be the same as us; we are not looking for our twin.Men are coming from a completely different place and traveling in a whole different mode of transportation.

Moreover, you have to keep trying to improve every aspect of your corporation, no matter what hurdles you face.The only reason for calling a man is to return his call. It may seem cruel, but if so, it’s because you don’t understand his needs. And take heart, while men might not worry as much about their weight, or what they said (or didn't say) as much as women do, they do have their own concerns ...The more uncertainty and terror he feels, the greater the conquest, when you return his feelings. penis size (shape, girth, etc.) being chief among them, with hair loss, height, and job position (success level) coming in next.The last thing you want to do is confuse your date with someone else.“You should always be focused on the one date in front of you,” she says.“And put your phone away, so it doesn’t appear you’re ready to confirm another date before dessert is served.”The dating game should end when you’re ready to be exclusive with someone, Spira says.

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I call this approach “The Numbers Game.” It is based on the way men think about dating and business. Your personal style differentiates your company from all the others.

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