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This is the preferred option if you need to limit the use of Microsoft accounts in your enterprise.

If you select the "Users cannot add or log on with Microsoft accounts" option, existing Microsoft account users will not be able to log on to Windows.

This policy setting prevents users from adding new Microsoft accounts on this computer.

If you select the "Users cannot add Microsoft accounts" option, users will not be able to create new Microsoft accounts on this computer, switch a local account to a Microsoft account, or connect a domain account to a Microsoft account.

Selecting this option might make it impossible for an existing administrator on this computer to log on and manage the system.

If you disable or do not configure this policy (recommended), users will be able to use Microsoft accounts with Windows. Supported operations are Add, Get, Replace, and Delete.

When a computer joins a domain, a computer account is created.

Otherwise, anyone with physical access to the computer can log on by using a user account that does not have a password.In this case, an alternative member of the Administrators group must reset the password on the Administrator account.For information about how to reset a password, see To reset a password.Disabling the Administrator account can become a maintenance issue under certain circumstances.Under Safe Mode boot, the disabled Administrator account will only be enabled if the machine is non-domain joined and there are no other local active administrator accounts. Supported operations are Add, Get, Replace, and Delete.

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If disabled, a user must log on and have the Remove computer from docking station privilege to undock the computer. Caution: Disabling this policy may tempt users to try and physically remove the laptop from its docking station using methods other than the external hardware eject button.

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