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Dating service for fat people

The essence of irony consists in the foregrounding not of the logical but of the evaluative meaning.Irony thus is a stylistic device in which thecontextualevaluative meaning of a wordisdirectlyopposite toitsdictionarymeaning.Nonsense of non-sequence results in joining two semantically disconnected clauses into one sentence, as in: “Emperor Nero played the fiddle, so they burnt Rome”.Two disconnected statements are forcibly linked together.As a rule, it is thelast memberof the chain thatfalls outof the semantic group, producing humorous effect.The following case may serve an example: “A Governess wanted.

This act of substitution is referred totransference– the name of one object is transferred onto another, proceeding from their similarity (of shape, color, function, etc.) or closeness (of material existence, cause/effect, instrument/result, part/whole relations, etc.).lexicalstylisticdevicescontent Introduction Lexical stylistic devices Metaphor Metonymy Pun, zeugma, semantically false chains,nonsense of non-sequence Irony Antonomasia Epithet Hyperbole and understatement Oxymoron Introduction Lexical stylistic device is such type of denoting phenomena that serves to create additional expressive, evaluative, subjective connotations.In fact we deal with theintended substitutionof the existing names approved by long usage and fixed in dictionaries, prompted by the speaker’s subjective original view and evaluation of things.Contextual conditions leading to the simultaneous realization of two meanings. One speaker’s utterance may be wrong interpreted by the other due to the existence of different meaning of the misinterpreted word or its homonym. Punning may be also the result of the speaker’s intended violation of the listener’s expectation.We deal with zeugma whenpolysemantic verbsthat can be combined with nouns of most varying semantic groups are deliberately usedwithtwo or morehomogeneous memberswhich arenot connected semantically, as in such example: “He took his hat and his leave”.

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Lexical stylistic devices Metaphor The most frequently used, well known and elaborated among lexical stylistic devices is a metaphor – transference of namesbased on the associated likenessbetween two objects, as in the “pancake”, “ball” for the “sky” or “silver dust”, “sequins” for “stars”.

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