Dating rules calling after first date

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" Or: "Doesn't he know you're supposed to call a woman right away?

He's either rude or he doesn't have any social graces." By the time you get around to making the call three, four, or five days later, she's built up a wall of defense.

Many happily married couples we know had "pareve" first dates, and sometimes one or both partners had to be convinced to go out a second time.

That's why we always recommend asking for a second date if the other person is at least "in the ballpark" and there's no clear reason why you shouldn't go out again.

That's the approach of a considerate, thoughtful man who would like to continue the momentum of a courtship that may have potential.

We have to add another piece of advice here: Look at the clock before you make that call.

Singles tend to have different timetables than married couples.

Jerry Dear Jerry, There are some areas of dating in which there aren't any hard and fast "rules." However, when it comes to asking a woman for a second, third, or fourth date, or to ending the courtship at an early stage, certain practices are more considerate than others.

Below are some "rules" that men will find are not overly difficult to follow, and that show consideration for the women they're dating.

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Some of my friends don't want to hurt their dates' feelings, so they pay her compliments, like, "You're a really great girl," or " I had a terrific time with you" -- and then they tell her they don't want to go out again. Some guys prefer to pay compliments to their date, but never hint that they're not interested -- and then they never call her.

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