Dating recent referrers

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Dating recent referrers

"Buitreraptor is one of those special fossils that tells a bigger story about the Earth's history and the timing of evolutionary events," said Peter Makovicky, curator of dinosaurs at The Field Museum.

"It not only provides definitive evidence for a more global distribution and a longer history for dromaeosaurs than was previously known, but also suggests that dromaeosaurs on northern and southern continents took different evolutionary routes after the landmasses that they had occupied, drifted apart." The Buitreraptor fossil was found in northwestern Patagonia (the southern end of the South America continent) about 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

Ultrasound waves are sent to and from the body using a handheld sensor (transducer), which is moved over the surface of your abdomen. The sonographer will explain the findings of your scan to you and there is a secondary monitor so that you and your partner can view your scan.

Our goal is simple: to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.

It has a long head and long tail and wing-like forelimbs.

Its serrated teeth, like steak knives, suggest it was a carnivore.

Evidence that they existed in the Southern Hemisphere has been mounting.

Today's announcement of a well-preserved fossil represents the first definitive evidence that dromaeosaurs roamed South America as well.

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