Dating profiles of yulia

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Dating profiles of yulia

Both Mr Vikeev and his mother – also pictured exclusively today – have gone into hiding since the Skripal attack and are being protected by Putin’s agents, according to well-placed sources.FSB commanders have even blocked access to Moscow authorities who want to interview Mr Vikeev as part of a Russian probe into the case, it was claimed.And we guarantee that all the data on our website is checked.Our Kiev marriage agency keeps constant contact with women from Russia and Ukraine.A source close to the family said: ‘Sergei had reservations about Stepan but she told her father she wanted to be with Stepan.’ But Mr Vikeev has made no contact with his fiance and her family since the attack.Miss Skripal, 33, was left very upset when she attempted to call Mr Vikeev but he did not answer his phone after she made a remarkable recovery in hospital.

She is expected to be granted political asylum to stay in the UK.The Kremlin has strongly denied any involvement in the Salisbury attack and launched its own probe into the case led by the Investigative Committee, which is Russia’s equivalent of the FBI.Several sources said the Committee know the whereabouts of Mr Vikeev and his mother in the suburbs of Moscow, but have failed to obtain permission from the FSB to quiz them.Now Mr Vikeev’s links to the FSB raise the prospect that he was a ‘honeytrap’ planted to keep a close eye on Yulia and her ‘traitor’ father after he was sent to the UK in a spy swap deal in 2010.Sources said Mr Skripal, 66, was not fond of Mr Vikeev.

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Miss Skripal’s friends and family have described Mr Vikeev as ‘strange,’ and they have been alarmed by his complete lack of contact with his fiancée or her family since the poisoning.

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