Dating pewter marks

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The lock and trigger are finished with an antique hot rust blue. There is just a bit of raised carving behind the tang, in the understated British fashion. Not really chisled, although we speak of it that way, but carved in wax, then investment cast in pure silver.That technique has existed since the time of the Greeks.The black ebony forearm tip is Henry’s style, which matches the Henry percussion lock.The checkering at the wrist is done in the earlier British style.You do have to clean up the dross and finish the casting, so it’s not all that easy.The butt plate return is hand engraved with a stand of arms, a common motif on British hunting guns, matching the trigger guard and side-plate cast-in engraving at least on style and venue.This gun was reputedly used by a French Canadien militiaman in the raid on the American frontier settlements during the F&I War.He must have been quite a French patriot, viz- the self-inletted Flor- de- Lei thumbpeice.

The rifle has been restocked in America with aqua fortis stained AAAA maple.It is a very stout rifle, British fashion, better than a Hawken.You can’t see it, but it features a tang-to-trigger bar screw, the percussion bolster is the stoutest in the world, designed by the great gunmaker Manton, the lock is surmounted by a drip bar instead of weak wood, the trigger guard screws to the DST plate at the front and is fastened with two screw at the rear.The elegant Chambers English lock is carefully placed for best ignition.The maple figure extends all the way thru the stock, end to end, both sides. There is a brass front sight soldered to the barrel, but the rear is a two leaf folding sight in a dovetail. The barrel has a 16 sided treatment to the front of the octagon section and is held to the stock with 4 stout pins.

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The barrel is browned, the rest of the furniture is antique hot rust blued. The almost flat iron buttplate is nearly 2inches wide to reduce felt recoil, the wide butt meaning a cheekpeice is not needed to fit the shooter’s face.