Dating method glaciation

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Dating method glaciation

Given that the glacial maximum occurred toward the end of the post-Flood Ice Age, these curves allow us to develop an age calibration to convert secular, long-age dates into dates within biblical history.

Figure 1 shows the current secular view on sea-level rise since the end of the last glacial maximum.

This graph was prepared by Robert Rohde from several published papers that included data assembled from numerous other sources.

This is correct, but this is the way that all dating methods work.At a number of sites in Chile it has been possible to confirm the validity of these OSL ages by comparison with cosmogenic radionuclide measurements on boulders associated with moraines.Together, the OSL and cosmogenic ages have enabled a detailed record of glacier fluctuations in this key area through the Holocene.All methods begins with researchers making careful measurements on samples in the present.Then they must make assumptions about the past to calculate an 'age'. All researchers compare results with other age information, and adjust assumptions and interpretations until the calculated age makes sense within its context.

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The 200-year period of ice melt-back results in a very tight compression of the major part of the secular timescale.