Dating man sexually abused child

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Dating man sexually abused child

How do you calm things down when overwhelming emotions get triggered?

It takes therapy for couples to find answers that are most healing for them.

Survivors of childhood trauma deserve all the peace and security that a loving relationship can provide.

But a history of abuse or neglect can make trusting another person feel terrifying.

But it is possible to replace old rules bit by bit.

Finding a therapist who can recognize and acknowledge the hurt, which the survivor has carried alone for so long, is key to repairing deep wounds.

Many tell themselves they are flawed, not good enough and unworthy of love.

Thoughts like these can wreak havoc in relationships throughout life.

It can super-charge emotions, escalate issues, and make it seem impossible to communicate effectively.

Trying to form an intimate relationship may lead to frightening missteps and confusion.

How can we better understand the impact of trauma, and help survivors find the love, friendship and support they and their partner deserve?

Many times, trauma survivors re-live childhood experiences with an unresponsive or abusive partner (an important topic for another article).

This often happens without the ability to see the reasons why they feel compelled to pursue unhealthy relationships.

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Learning how to manage communication helps couples restore calm and provide comfort as their understanding of trauma grows.

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