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Dating international netherlands man

During the production of the 1977 film A Bridge Too Far, all of the scenes taking place in nearby Arnhem were filmed in Deventer - as Arnhem itself had lost its historic centre.

Deventer is the home of professional Football club Go Ahead Eagles, who are housed in stadium De Adelaarshorst.

The female Jewish poet and writer Etty Hillesum lived in Deventer during the war before being deported to Auschwitz.

In Schalkhaar, a village only 2 km northeast of the city centre, barracks were used by the German occupying forces to train Nazi policemen. Deventer has been somewhat popular with the film industry.

In the 19th century, Deventer became an industrial town.

Bicycles (Burgers), carpets (Koninklijke Deventer Tapijtfabriek), tins and cans for food and drinks (Thomassen & Drijver), cigars (Horst & Maas en Bijdendijk & Ten Hove), foundry and heavy machinery (Nering Bögel), and textiles (Ankersmit) were produced until the mid to late 20th century.

The 1992 founded skating rink De Scheg, which is semi-indoor since 2011, is in the top 10 of fastest skating tracks of the Netherlands.

: "You can close your eyes to it and keep telling yourself everyone is curable but the fact remains, not everyone is. I am just glad my brother did not have to jump in front of a train or live a few more years in agony before dying of his abuse.Between 15, the volume of water flowing through the IJssel decreased, decreasing the importance of Deventer's harbour.The competition with trade centres in Holland, as well as the religious war between 15, brought a decline in the city's economy.This was not the first human settlement at the location; between 19, remains of a Bronze Age settlement (dated to c.400 CE) were excavated at Colmschate, 4 km east of the current city The village of Deventer, already important because of a trading road crossing the river IJssel, was looted and burnt down by the Vikings in 882.It was immediately rebuilt and fortified with an earthen wall (in the street Stenen Wal remains of this wall have been excavated and restored).

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