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The tine is constructed as a modular system, enabling quick change of points and high versatility.

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The heavy tine cultivator Opus is built around a strong frame which can withstand high stresses extending the working life.

To meet differing farming needs, Opus can be fitted with a wide range of points and shins.

All the members of the Editorial Board are Doctors of Engineering Sciences (the highest research degree), Professors in the appropriate fields of science and engineering, and are well-known both in Ukraine and abroad.

The International Editorial Board consisting of the scientists from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, etc.

Equipping Opus with a fertiliser kit allows for fertiliser application together with the tillage operation.

The kit includes a distributor head that distributes the fertiliser, metered out from the front hopper Väderstad FH 2200.

It has three axles and 27cm tine spacing, which ensures an intense cultivation and good throughflow.

From the distributor head, the fertiliser is distributed to each cultivator tine.

The fertiliser is placed behind each tine at selected depth, thereby providing benefits for the coming crop.

During humid weather the packer can float with its own weight.

In very humid conditions the packer can either be raised or be completely removed.

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Opus is equipped with robust tines, which mix and loosen the soil down to 30cm working depth.