Dating hockey player rule dating profile about me section examples

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Dating hockey player rule

Character is revealed by how you behave when no one is watching or when you do not expect to be rewarded; it includes the types of judgments you make, how you interact with others, and how you put into action your personal philosophy.

We generally associate good character with behavior that is kind, trustworthy, honest, faithful, and responsible.

Examples of responsible behavior in sport include always trying your hardest, even against a much better opponent or when the outcome doesn’t matter; showing up regularly for practice, even when you are preoccupied or don’t feel like training; letting the coach and team know if an emergency prevents you from attending practice; and accepting responsibility for actions that lead to unexpected consequences.

Caring Being caring involves compassion, gratitude, and empathy (the ability to experience the feelings of others).

Regardless of how many topics your policies cover, the most essential thing is to clearly spell out how your athletes (or others) are expected to conduct themselves and the consequences of failing to meet those expectations.When selecting your team policies, it’s reasonable for you to ask what these should and should not cover.Again, the extent of your policies and rules will depend on your team philosophy, the age of your athletes, the level of competition, and how many people the policy covers.Responsibility Responsibility involves perseverance and doing the right thing.Responsible athletes and coaches are reliable, self-disciplined, and considerate; they do not act impulsively without first considering the consequences of their actions.

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