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Scientifically, there is nothing negative about women having underarm hair. Graduate Tamara Webster, 23, has also stopped shaving this August and although she hasn’t received negative responses from her friends or boyfriend, she says: “I told my brother I’m raising money for PCOS by not shaving my underarms and he said, ‘Ugh gross’.I said to him, ‘You have hairy armpits, do you think that’s gross?Ten per cent of women in the UK suffer from PCOS - including Gina's fellow founder Sarah Hickmott (28) - and one of its lesser-known symptoms is hirsutism, or excessive hair growth.It was Sarah's plight in having to shave daily to wear office-appropriate clothes, before she began her Ph D at Oxford University, which inspired the women to choose Verity as their cause.

Sophie concedes: “It does tend to be the women who are hippy-ish who have armpit hair and it’s a certain look.Some younger men shout out ridiculous things like 'I'd never sleep with you’ but they are usually a group of lads and if you talk to them one on one, they are really understanding.“Most women are really supportive; it’s more teenage girls that really struggle with it.It has been dubbed a female version of Movember and raises money for Verity, a charity that helps people with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).The condition is integral to Armpits4August's birth.

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