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Women are powerful players in our economy and unleashing their entrepreneurial potential will change the world.Doyenne brings strong, motivated people together to advance women’s entrepreneurship through four key strategies: Entrepreneurship can be an isolating experience. Entrepreneurs need a community of people who are listening to them and advocating for them.When a personal video is leaked to an Internet gossip site, an Oxford professor of English literature just might be humiliated enough to kill herself.The mere idea that someone’s malicious behavior led to the professor’s suicide infuriates Lewis, but it doesn’t take him long to find enough evidence to indicate she might have been murdered.CULVER CITY, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- DO bring magazines and novels along -- just in case ... DO keep to safe conversation: the weather, work, the view, the food.And DON'T even think about consummating the relationship until you're back on land and he's initiated six Saturday night dates.Lines between what’s right and wrong refuse to stay firmly in place.

Forget the “will they or won’t they”; it seems resolved that they won’t. Writer Patrick Harbinson, whose credits include “The Mind Has Mountains” from last season, also touches on the question of traditional gender roles, citing everything from Shakespeare to Monty Python.

(According to her biography at the University of Tennessee Knoxville Library website, “Her father named her William at the suggestion of a family friend, who believed that giving his most recent daughter a masculine name would alleviate his disappointment at her not having been born male.” To which Miranda Thornton and Laura Hobson would shout “Bah!

”) Petulant Sebastian fills the obligatory role of the privileged student in this episode.

Early in the episode, Professor Thornton lectures on the duality of Shakespeare’s women: “for every female character in Shakespeare who conforms to society there is one who flouts it,” she says.

That goes right down to Cressida who, in the professor’s words, “wished she was a man.” Even Laura Hobson can’t avoid scrutiny.

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Such conduct of convenience does not sit well with Inspector Lewis, whose moral compass is always in full working order.

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