Dating dating game game online online pune dating

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Dating dating game game online online

After clearing out these dialogs, you'll have the opportunity to place the ball anywhere on the tee.Of course, before you decide where to tee up, you might want to know more about the hole - like the best path to approach from.There will be a total of four courses available to start (including one Club Pogo-exclusive course), but new courses will be added over time, so keep coming back to look for more new holes to play!

If you forget what they do, just mouse over a power-up icon to see its description again.

Just like regular Mini Golf, the lower your score, the better you're doing.

Each hole has a "Par" setting, which tells you the average number of "strokes" expected to complete the hole - shooting more shots than that puts you over Par, while shooting less puts you under Par.

- "Weekly" courses: As you might expect from the name, these courses are generated every week by randomly pulling holes from the current "Standard" courses.

That means you'll see holes you've already played before but in an entirely different order than you're used to, making for a whole new game experience!

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Here's the latest from Pogo members chatting in our Mini Golf Madness Forum where folks gather to make new friends, debate game tips, and share a joke or two. Win this badge plus 2,000 Tokens I have played so many holes that have NOT gotten credit for should have attained the badge by now!!