Dating compatibility test questions

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Dating compatibility test questions

However, broadcasters and wireless service providers are only required to distribute emergency alerts for situations that pose an immediate threat-to-life.Government officials developed and agreed on a specific list of the types of alerts that are considered a threat-to-life and should be distributed immediately on television, radio and wireless devices.Below is a complete list and description of these alerts.Federal, provincial, and territorial governments are responsible for issuing emergency alerts.You can currently expect to receive emergency alerts via Canadian radio and TV, cable and satellite operators.

Each provincial or territorial government decides who will have the authority to issue alerts within their jurisdictions.Visit the Test Schedule and Alerting Info section of Alert for information how emergency alerts are used in your province.It is important to note that the federally-issued emergency alerts can reach your compatible wireless device in any part of the country even if your province/territory is not using the Alert Ready system.The test alerts scheduled for May 9th were successfully processed by the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System (NAAD System), part of the Alert Ready system.Managed by Pelmorex, the NAAD System delivers public alert messages issued by authorized government agencies to TV/radio/cable/satellite companies, and now, wireless service providers.

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ALL device compatibility inquiries must be directed to your wireless provider.