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In In 1976, Hawk Records signed Sandy to a contract and her first single was released, Come Back Billie Jo, a country number and a major departure for the more hard edged Fairways whih cracked the Irish charts at number 13. For the next few years, Gary and Sandy shared the spotlight as Gary Street, Sandy Duskey and the Fairways.Sandy describes it as a somewhat tumultuous relationship acting as a "couple" on stage, while rarely speaking off stage.Firmly establish as a country artist, Sandy continued to go from strength to strength.Over the next few years, Sandy and her band continued to play the country circuit and in early 1989, Sandy reluctantly recorded the Patsy Cline standard, Crazy.

In 1982, the band was again competing in the National Song contest singing the Sally Keating song, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.Easy Listenin was originally Sandy, Gerry Gallagher (Magic and the Kim Newport Band) on bass, Gerry Feeney (Dee Leydon & The Powermen) on keyboards, and Ballisodare drummer, Sean Savage.The band toured the northwest of Ireland and was an instant success.Following Gary's departure, the band brought in Sandy's sister, Barbara, along with her cousin from Wales, Nina (real name Marian) and they became the Duskey Sisters and the Fairways.With the continued success under the Duskey Sisters banner, the band soon dropped the use of the Fairways name and became know as just The Duskey Sisters, and they took the ballroom scene by storm.

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When television came to Ireland in the early 1960's, the roqad show business folded and Sandy and her family relocated to Wales where she spent most of her childhood.