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Dating a weaver scope

Elmer Keith was quoted as saying, “To Rudolf Noske goes the credit for making the first good American hunting glass.” But, even with all this progress, scopes still were not the predominant rifle sighting system for mainstream hunters. It took a visionary to make the riflescope mainstream.

Henry Ford may have parked a car in every driveway, but it was William R. He did this by following the simple template for success in American business.

I suspect the rig wass assembled by a civilian owner.

By the turn of the 20th century the riflescope was not entirely unheard of in both target shooting and hunting. In addition to the Winchester and Stevens scopes, those made in the United States by J. It’s likely that Noske scopes were considered the best of the domestics in the 1930s.

The Plainfield Carbine was a civilian product dating from the mid 60's and later.

The scope brackets you mentioned were available from some of the parts suppliers.

The mount bar is GI and the rings appear to be also.

Before Weaver introduced his Model 3-30 scope in 1930, the options were limited.The Multi-Stop system is designed to provide shooters quick reference turret stops to ensure accuracy and eliminate hold-over.Color-coded bands on the turret can be adjusted to perfectly match any load.If you look at all the Weaver or Weaver 330C type scopes used on the A4 there are probably 8 or 9 major and minor variations (mainly markings and different adjustment knobs).During WW2 Weaver also supplied M73B1's or similar style scopes to the navy for use on aligning firecontrol radars or as gun sights.

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