Dating a law student long distance

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Dating a law student long distance

University is a time of significant personal growth, and some couples grow apart.""It's easier than it was – technology such as Facebook, Face Time and Skype makes it much easier to keep in touch with each other's everyday movements and to be involved with your lives, regardless of how far apart you are physically."Ollie, 27, is living proof that pre- university relationships can work.

He got together with Helen, also 27, in the summer between their A-levels and university.

You've got your new groups of friends, and separate social lives and so on," Hall says."Of course, it does depend how long you've been together.

A break-up at university will be much better if you've only been together for six months than it is for couples who've been together since they were 14.

You do also have your own lives going on at the same time, so you have to concentrate to stay involved with each other.

Make sure you do fun things together, too – don't stay inside and watch DVDs.

And get a good mobile phone contract."What if you do break up?

Though they split up briefly in their third year at Liverpool and St Martin's in London respectively, they got married earlier this year.

Distance wasn't the problem it tends to be for some: "London and Liverpool are only two-and-a-half hours apart on the train. And with student railcards and careful planning, we could see each other for a tenner."Ollie enjoyed the chance to spend time in two different cities with two different groups of friends, but there were difficulties.

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For those in a relationship, though, it can be bittersweet.