Dating a cia agent

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Dating a cia agent

“[He] used me and our daughter I never felt safe, never knew who people were or why they were interested in us or why they were photographing us,” wrote the woman, who is in her 30s, in December.

“As a result of [his] different assignments I never had a good support network of people I could trust or rely on to help out.” And, she claimed, her spy-husband had little interest in household chores.

(The Post is not naming the wife or the husband and is leaving out other details about their lives to protect the undercover officer’s identity.

The husband did not return phone calls seeking comment, but his account of their marital difficulties is contained in court documents.) The two met in late 2005 on an online dating site. “Then I had a million questions, but he wouldn’t say more.” They got married later that year in a destination wedding.

The Fredericksburg woman divorcing her husband laid out all the messy details, including the most secret of them all.

Holders of professional accounting designations such as EA, CPA and the newer IRS Annual Filing Season Program are in many cases required to obtain proper continuing education.

What are the different types of continuing education and who is eligible to take them?

Her husband, she wrote in now-sealed court documents, is a covert operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency.

His CIA job, she said, poisoned their five-year-old marriage.

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