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You know the bubble is going to pop; the fun is in never knowing when or why.

The central issue is that BPD is based around feelings.

While these representations are regularly problematic, there are some that seize the essence of BPD and help to communicate its existence, flattering or otherwise.

Perhaps most pointedly, there is the psycho ex-girlfriend trope.

Take intense fear of abandonment, one of the main traits of BPD.

Sometimes this trait manifests as simple didn’t-think-it-through impetuosity.

There’s a scene in during Lily and Marshall’s break-up where Lily lets herself into his apartment and hides behind the couch, only to leap out when he tries to get close to another woman. But, as the heady world of BPD will teach you — it happens.

If you’re looking for a condition that blends anxiety, depression, OCD, disordered eating, anger issues, and more into the world’s least appealing smoothie, BPD is for you.

Having BPD is like living in a bubble floating in a hazy world of detachment.

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When I did, that partner bore witness to the opposite tendencies.

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