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Rob guessed Joseph to be in his mid-forties."You'll get to judge it for yourself soon. With a snap, spring-loaded clamps closed around Rob's wrists and ankles, holding him tightly in the chair. Marie's arms were pulled high enough that she wouldn't get loose, but her feet were still on the ground."What the hell do you think you're doing? But, there is more to Marie's sex life than you know."Joseph walked to a table and picked up a pair of scissors.

I asked Marie to bring you in a little before the show begins so that I could show you something new that I'm working on. He approached Marie and slipped a blade of the scissors into the v-neck of her sweater.

Marie was bringing Rob to the warehouse to see the opening of a modern art exhibit being put on by a friend. He knew that she was 5'4" tall, although her heels made her seem taller. Please, don't talk, just listen and watch."Suddenly, Joseph moved behind Marie, reached around her head, and pushed a red ball into her mouth. He reached around little Marie and quickly snapped a cuff onto each of her wrists. Please, don't talk, just listen and watch.""As you've probably guessed, there is no art show.

Joseph had carefully gone over the details of the story with Marie, and she was ready to act her part."Are you sure this is the place? "They can't be having an art show here.""This is the place." answered Marie, "Come on, lets go in and find my friend Joseph." They walked across the parking lot toward a lighted door way, Marie pulling Rob by the hand. Her long, blond hair hung past her shoulders and onto her chest, She wore a V-neck black sweater that clung to her large breasts, and a short black skirt that showcased her very slim waist, curvy hips, and tight bottom. He looked sharp in casual slacks and a button-down shirt. Hanging from it were two straps, which he quickly attached behind her head. Stepping around her, he grabbed the cuffs and tugged her a few steps until they were underneath some sort of winch. She had a fiery look in her eyes that Rob recognized. I'm no furniture designer, but I am an artist at what I do," Joseph continued as the young couple looked on.

He continued, cutting through the front of her sexy bra, then slicing the shoulder straps and pulling it away.

Marie's large breasts bounced free."A lovely C-cup, and such sexy nipples.

As he and the husband had chatted at an outdoor cafe under a false pretense, Gloria emerged nude, except for heels and an elaborate mask, from a limousine.The warehouse space was rented, and the needed equipment was in place.The scenario that Joseph had settled upon was, as usual, a ruse. "Joseph ignored him as he pulled a pair of padded hand cuffs from his pocket. "Rob, if you let me continue, I'll explain everything.Going through emails was normally quite tedious when you owned a website. His website catered to husbands or wives who needed help telling their spouses about their secret sexual fantasies.Joseph's website, however, was a niche site that only attracted specific viewers, so the emails he received were very specific, and much more interesting. Joseph would devise a plan to expose the deepest, darkest desires of, say, a wife to her husband.

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As Gloria reached a squealing orgasm, she ripped off the mask and fell into her astonished husband's lap.